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Child Rights

Empowering children towards developmental entrepreneurship` is a concrete and focused concept to empower children who are potential producer, consumer as well as entrepreneur for the future of this nation. But, today, vast majority of the children are struggling for their existence even simply because the Govt. of India has not recognized that all the children in the age group 0 to 18 have their judicious rights though at the international level she is a signatory on the 54 rights recognized by the international communities. The Govt. of India has, neither, not ratified unconditionally Articles 32 of UNCRC ( United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Child ) prohibiting all forms of labour being done by the children at the cost of their entitlement nor has given right to education for the children in the age group 14 to 18 ( a very potential age-group for social developmental entrepreneurship ) nor has recognized children in the age group 0 to 6 for their education, heath, care and other entitlements.SSVK address these issues and will make their rights very much judicious in order to sensitize the Govt. to take necessary actions and to come out with creative and innovative employment oriented economic planning for them as well as make them sensible and responsive citizens of the country.  

To intervene in debates on law, policy, budget and judgements concerning child right and elementary education., and to seek a comprehensive review of the policy, budgetary allocation and legislation on child right and child labourTo interact with different organs of the Govt., judiciary and the media to lobby for review and reform of legislations on child labour and education.To keep a track of judicial and legislative developments on child labour and education.To highlight violation inflicted upon child labour and to promote justice through fact-finding and litigation.To facilitate field research to undertake media based advocacy and lobbying and to popularize the UN Convention and various conventions of ILO pertaining to child labour.

A Study for Rehabiliation of Child
Labour Perspective
Strategy & Planning - By SSVK

Beyond compassion, consider who today’s children will become in the future. Between today and the year 2020, the vast majority of new workers, citizens and new consumers — whose skills and needs will build the world’s economy and society — will come from developing countries like India. Over that 20-year period, some 730 million people will join the world’s workforce — more than all the people employed in today's most developed nations in 2000. More than 90 percent of these new workers will be from eveloping nations, according to research by Population Action International.

  • Prevailing upon the central govt. through questions, motions, resolutions inside the parliament to honour the international commitments by going for legislations, amendments etc. which bring the Indian laws in conformity with the international treaties, covenants, conventions etc. which speak of total eradication of the child labour up to the age of 18 years in all forms and places of work.
  • To be more specific, to take initiative for the unconditional ratification of Articles.32 of Conventions on the Rights of Child (CRC) so that eradication of child labour becomes an international obligation for the Government. 
  • Taking collective initiative for the Constitutional Amendment in Artticles. 24 with the provision that no child up to the age of 18 will work in any hazardous or non-hazardous sectors
  • Setting right the deficiencies, chasms in the existing laws and the laws in the offing through legislative intervention.( i.e. the lacunae present in the CL ( P&R ) Act, 1986, in the model Bill on Right to Education as referred to in this kit in the preceding pages)
  • Acting as mobilizers of public opinion against the employment of children as laborers by using the platform of political canvassing (outside the parliament).
  • As the unequal  access to education and the prevalence of child labour are inextricably intertwined, exerting pressure on the executive to allocate at least 6% of the GDP to education; to make the things concise and clear-  taking the initiative for bringing changes in Draft Free and Compulsory Education Bill that  provides for equitable and quality secondary education for all the children in the age group 6 to 18, and nutritional care, and pre-primary schooling for all the children in the age group 0 to 6. ; And a specific budgetary allocation towards child protection which is supposed to deal with the issue of eradication of child labour and which has not got a single penny in the budget since last five years.
Child Care Centre of the Villages of Madhepura District Run by SSVK Supported by Subodh Gupta, Bharti Kher, Nature Morte,Trident Hotel ,Saffron Art & HSBC Mumbai. 4 photos of Madhubani District supported by Taj PSWT Mumbai in 2010
Child Care Centre of the Village of Madhepura Run by SSVK Supported by Subodh Gupta, Bharti Kher, Nature Morte,Trident Hotel & Saffron Art
Photos of Child Care Centre of the Village of Madhepura run by SSVK Supported by HSBC Mumbai
Children activities in child care centre in the villages of Madhepura run by SSVK
PPT / Slides on Bihar Floods
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